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Manumission of John Dickinson's Slaves
May 12, 1777-March 27, 1779
To all Christian People to whom these Presents shall come, I John Dickinson of Fairhill in the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, at present in Dover Hundred in the County of Kent on Delaware, send Greeting, Whereas I am now possest of these Negro Men, Augustus, Joe, Toby, Abraham, Nick, Nathan, Ned, Isaac, Will, Caesar, Dick and Jerry, also of these Negro Women, Mary, Flora, Sidney, Rachel, Violet, Dinah, Abby, Laetitia, Peggy and Nelly, also of these Negro Boys, Charles the Child of Ruth, Pompey the Child of Priscilla, Jim the Child of Dinah, David the Child of Abby, and Jemmy the Child of Rachel, and also of these Negro Girls, Rose and Amelia the Children of Sidney, Violet and Rose the Children of Nanny deceased, Lydia the Child of Abby, Nanny the Child of Dinah, Sal & Esther the Children of Priscilla, Nancy the Child of ""Ruth, and Rachel the Child of Laetitia, And whereas I desire to prevent a Continuance of Slavery, now know Ye, that on Condition that each of the said Negros and each and every other Negro belonging to Me, if any there be, whose Name is above omitted, respectively shall honestly diligently and faithfully serve and obey and work for Me my Executors Administrators and Assigns for and during the Term of twenty one Years from the Date hereof, I do manumit set free and discharge from all further Servitude each of the said Negros who shall have served as aforesaid for and during the Term aforesaid And I do hereby declare, that every Child, that shall after the Date hereof be born of the Body of any of th[e?] before mentioned Negro Women and Negro Girls, is and shall be from the Birth of such Child entirely free and
Source Information: 
Manumission of John Dickinson's Slaves
Dickinson, John, 1732-1808
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
R. R. Logan Collection of John Dickinson Papers (Collection 383)
Box 5, folder 19
Transcribed by the John Dickinson Writings Project